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Since from 1975

Company Overview

A truck with two cars on the back of it.

We are the quickest and fastest carrier to & from Perth. Our transit times speak for themselves, and we pride ourselves on express deliveries and affordable rates. Move your car quickly and easily with our express services to & from Perth. 


Our trucks and trailers are built to last and are some of the best qualities in the industry meaning your vehicle is safe and sound along the journey.

Our express turnaround times mean you don’t have to wait weeks or months for your car to arrive, meaning no rental car fees or being stranded without a car interstate. Purchasing a new vehicle or classic pride and joy. 


We know that you can’t wait weeks or months for delivery, you want it and you want it fast.


We can help! Is express transport not your thing? That’s all good. We also have slower and cheaper options with our sub-companies All States Express & Perth Express to suit your needs and still get your car transported from point A to B in no time safely and securely.


Anthony Goreski

Operations Manager

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Why Choose Us

6 Reasons Why choose Us

Real Time Tracking

Know where your car is at all times. We will inform you of its location and ETA.

Transparent Pricing

Have confidence knowing there are no hidden costs or surprises.

On - Time Delivery

We are committed to delivering your car on time safe and sound. That's our promise to you!

24/7 Online Support

We provide 24/7 online support. Meaning you can contact us anytime to get an update.

Australia's Fastest

We have proven time and time again that we are the fastest and most economical car transport services in Australia.

Insurance & guarantee

We and our drivers are fully insured. Rest assured if something does happen we got you covered.

Phenominal Service

“I have personally had multiple cars moved by nicks express from Victoria to Queensland, Nicks done an exemptional job”


Client Feedbacks

Sree Pramod Pinapati

Abdulkadir Arik

Jacqueline Dillon

Australia's Fastest Car Transport Service

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Our Gallary

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A map showing the location of Express Perth to Brisbane (4-8 Business Days).